Linn Lowes Stuns In White Thong Bikini For New Workout

Linn Lowes Instagram

Fitness model Linn Lowes added a new workout video to her Instagram page on Thursday, July 23, in which she showed off her stunning physique in a thong bikini.

Both the bikini top and bottoms were white. The top included triangle-shaped pieces of fabric covering the chest and a large knot tied at the upper back. Viewers were given an eyeful of the model’s sculpted arms and back muscles. The bottoms sat low on her hips and exposed her pert backside and long, muscular legs. The sizable gap between the top and bottoms exposed her chiseled abs. Linn went barefoot for the workout and wore her long, blond locks loose and flowing down her back and chest.

The fitness routine took place in an outdoor setting that overlooked a lake. Linn placed a gray mat on a wooden boardwalk and completed a total of five exercises, each one split into an individual slide in the post.

The personal trainer began the short circuit with the superwoman. Positioning herself on her stomach, Linn raised her legs off the ground and brought her arms in toward her chest while lifting her upper body. The second move was the mountain climber twist. Linn moved her body into the plank position and brought one knee across her body, twisting her hips as she did so, and then switched sides.

The third slide showed the dog cuddle, which appeared to be a joke and not an actual exercise. Linn rested on her back with her knees bent while two small dogs licked her face and sat on her belly. The model covered her face and laughed. She moved into narrow push-ups next, spreading her legs apart and bringing her arms in close to her shoulders for each push-up. The final move was the shoulder tap, carried out from the plank position. Linn lifted one arm off the ground to touch the opposite shoulder with her hand, alternating sides.

In the caption of the post, Linn outlined the exercises and the number of reps her followers should do for each. She added a plea for the summer to never end, alongside a crying face and sun emoji.

The post earned more than 35,000 likes and nearly 250 comments within the first day. Linn’s fans loved the puppy slide, with many commenting on the video in their messages.

“Omg the puppers! You are the most beautiful human ever. Oh and nice push-ups,” one Instagram user wrote.