Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’ Filming Scares School Children

Stephen King’s Under the Dome was recently filming a scene in Wilmington, North Carolina when the reality of the show apparently stirred up a bit of a panic at a nearby school. The scene they were shooting for the show involved quite a bit of gunfire and apparently teachers and children thought the sounds were real.

The crew had reportedly neglected to tell anyone at the school, which was just a few hundred yards away from their location. Pine Valley Elementary students and staff were just going about their usual post lunch recess when the shots began ringing out.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome is getting close to being released on CBS and the scene that was being filmed apparently called for realistic explosions as well as gunfire. The cacophony of sound, coupled with the number of school shootings that have been in the news lately sent the elementary school into a bit of a panic.

The entire student body was put on lock down for as long as 20 minutes until authorities could get the situation sorted out and eventually realized they had been dealing with a bunch of producers and crew members who didn’t think things through all that well.

It seems that the show won’t get into a whole bunch of trouble, because they did have the proper permits needed to use the fake gunfire and the like. That doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t at least be some kind of apology given to the surrounding community.

The show’s producers apparently never thought to let people at the nearby school, or anywhere else in the nearby vicinity that they would be shooting a scene or what that production would involve.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome is due to air in June and centers around a small New England town that suddenly finds itself being encased in an invisible, dome shaped force-field which cuts them off from the rest of civilization.