WWE News: 'Monday Night Raw' Superstar, Who Intended To Retire, Is Currently Negotiating A New Contract

MVP is currently riding high on Monday Night Raw as the self-appointed United States Champion and manager of Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. His run also seems to have impressed WWE officials, as the veteran superstar told the Gorilla Position podcast that he's negotiating a new contract.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the performer only returned to the promotion at this year's Royal Rumble to impress his son. He then wrestled Rey Mysterio on the subsequent episode of Monday Night Raw because the luchador is his son's favorite wrestler. However, he revealed that those appearances opened the door to more opportunities.

"I was offered a job as a producer which I accepted because I had the intention of retiring anyway. I was working as a producer. They asked me to do an on-screen VIP Lounge. Then I was asked to do a short match and then another on-screen segment and then another. Before I knew it, my responsibility as a producer became less and less as I was asked to do more and more as a talent. Now I can say that the WWE and myself are in negotiations for a long term deal."
MVP is currently feuding with Apollo Crews, and he's reportedly set to add more members to his faction. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this week, there are rumors of him leading a new iteration of the Nation of Domination stable from the Attitude Era. His current faction is called The Hurt Business, but it may be revamped in the near future.

MVP cuts a promo on WWE television

The company appears to have big plans for MVP, and officials have seemingly placed a lot of trust in him. During the interview, he opened up about being allowed to perform his own unscripted promos on WWE television. The veteran stated that most performers have their promos written for them, but the company has always let him express himself on the microphone.

He also revealed that he's been trying to help some of the young talents improve their own speaking skills. According to MVP, he's trying to encourage other wrestlers to take the gist of a given situation and make it their own, as the best entertainers in history didn't try to copy anyone else.

MVP's main purpose on television at the moment is to serve as a mouthpiece for other stars. While he was brought back to the company for a backstage role, his charisma and gift of gab appear to be more appropriate for an on-air role.