Ashley Resch Gets Oiled Up Wearing A Barely There String Bikini

Canadian Instagram sensation Ashley Resch looked smoking hot in her most recent post Thursday afternoon, thrilling her 915,000 followers. The stunning image racked up over 7,000 likes in the first hour after it went live.

Ashley wore a tiny wine-colored bikini that left little to the imagination. It included three small triangular pieces of thin crimson fabric held together with transparent cording. The cups did not meet in the middle, so the top was open wide across her voluptuous breasts, which appeared to be glistening with oil.

Her arms were bent and she rested both open palms just below her neck, using her forearms to squeeze her bust together and further emphasize her insane cleavage.

The bottom of the suit was a strip of ruched material that rose up from between Ashley’s curvaceous thighs and was attached to a thin, translucent string slung around her hips. The straps would have been invisible had they not made distinct lines across her smooth, golden skin.

The size of her ensemble left most of her incredible physique completely bare, and her entire body seemed to have been slicked with oil, which gave her killer curves an alluring sheen.

Ashley stood with her back arched and one thigh slightly crossed in front of the other, emphasizing her hourglass shape. A little strip of light shone across the top of her amazing derriere, accentuating its perky roundness.

An impressive collection of black and gray tattoos covered her right arm from shoulder to wrist, most of her opposing torso, and her right leg, stopping just below the crease of her upper thigh.

Ashley gazed off-camera, with a sultry, seductive look on her beautiful face. She tilted her chin down and looked up through her long, full lashes, with her full, rosy lips slightly parted.

She rested her outstretched fingers across her collarbone, slightly covering a thick silver choker and a longer silver chain with a large cursive ‘A’ dangling from it. Her long nails were painted opaque white.

Ashley’s devoted Instagram fans were eager to answer her question in the caption, filling the comments section with varied compliments about her appearance.

“The body language…speak for itself,” declared one follower.

“All of you, you are absolutely gorgeous,” gushed a second person, who also tagged the model and added a string of flame emoji.

“Heart rate at critical. Heart rate at critical,” joked a third fan, emphasizing their words with heart and flame emoji.

“You. Is that too general?” inquired a fourth follower, following up with the crying-laughing emoji.