WWE News: Retired Hall Of Famer Is ‘Down’ For Short-Term In-Ring Return

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As quoted by Ringside News, Lita told the After the Bell podcast that she’s open to another match in WWE. However, the Hall of Famer isn’t interested in returning for the long-term.

According to the legendary superstar, the strength of the company’s current women’s division has made her open to lacing up her boots again. She then discussed how she might not be wanted back by WWE.

“I’m down. Like, I can’t say that if I was never in the ring again then something was missing for me, but I think that it would be a fun opportunity and like, a good short-term goal and something to add to the resume, but you guys don’t need me. Like, everybody’s doing awesome there so I can just get by watching how awesome everyone is doing. If the stars aligned I could be down.”

The podcast’s host, Corey Graves, responded by saying that he hopes Lita returns to WWE television at some point. The commentator revealed that he misses watching her wrestle, and many fans feel the same way.

While Lita is unsure if she’s needed by the promotion and if they would be interested in bringing her back. She’s regarded as a pioneer of women’s wrestling and has also featured in sporadic matches since retiring in 2006. Her last match took place on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2018.

Lita’s words also suggest that she doesn’t just want to step into the ring for the sake of it. She doesn’t appear to be missing the business, though she hasn’t closed the door to any possibilities. She might even have an opponent waiting in the form of Sasha Banks, who has been trash-talking the veteran in recent weeks.

Lita poses for a WWE photo shoot

As documented by Ringside News, Banks recently took to her Instagram story and teased a match with the Hall of Famer. The Friday Night SmackDown performer posed in front of the mirror and stated that she’s “better than Lita” in the caption. Her outfit was very reminiscent of Lita’s wrestling attire from the Attitude Era.

If Lita does return to the squared circle, it could happen in the near future. There are reportedly plans in place to have another Evolution pay-per-view in the coming weeks. Reports have teased an appearance from another popular female wrestler at the rumored women’s event, but perhaps Lita will also be added to the card to make it extra special.