Cindy Prado Wears Figure-Hugging Mini Dress That Puts Her Enviable Booty On Display

Cindy Prado poses for a selfie.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Model Cindy Prado has a chic sense of style as well as incredible figure, and she puts both on display in a variety of sexy outfits on her Instagram page. On Thursday, she updated her account with a series of photos that featured her rocking a knit mini dress that flaunted her curves, especially her derrière.

Cindy’s dress was an off-white color that flattered her tan skin tone. It had thin shoulder straps and a low-cut neckline that showed off her cleavage. The garment had a short hemline, which drew the eye to her backside. She also sported a pair of matching snakeskin boots with a chunky heel. Cindy completed her look with gold accessories that included a chunky necklace and matching bracelet, hoop earrings and several rings. Her hair was parted on the side, and she wore it styled in big waves over her shoulders.

The beauty’s post consisted of seven snapshots that captured her striking different poses while she modeled inside. She posed next to an indoor railing as well as on a balcony.

The first pictured caught Cindy from a side view as she leaned against an indoor railing. She struck a sexy pose while bending one knee. The dress clung to her hips, putting her booty on display. She arched her back and smiled at the camera, showing off her slim waistline.

Cindy stood in a doorway for the second image. She looked away from the camera while one hand rested on the door frame. She bent one knee, flaunting her hourglass shape and her toned thighs.

In the third photo, Cindy flaunted her derrière as she posed next to the door frame. She looked off in the distance while showcasing her toned legs.

The fourth snap was similar to the first one in that it saw her leaning against the rail as she leaned on it with her forearms. With one leg forward, she put her booty on display. She wore a sultry expression on her face with her lips slightly parted.

Cindy leaned against the railing of the balcony in the fifth image. She gazed at the camera, showing of her ample chest and thin midsection.

The popular influencer was back to showing off her backside in the sixth picture. She looked behind her as she held one hand on the frame of the door. The smooth skin on her back was prominent as well as her shapely pins.

In the final image, Cindy struck a sexy pose as she stood on the balcony. She played with her hair while posing with one hip cocked to the side. The snap offered a nice look at her cleavage.