‘RHOBH’ Fans React As Brandi Glanville Says She Wants To Be A ‘Throuple’ With Denise Richards & Aaron Phypers

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are confused by Brandi Glanville’s claims of being distraught over her alleged hookup with Denise Richards, especially since she propositioned the Bold and the Beautiful star and her husband, Aaron Phypers, months later.

Brandi broke down on the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show while detailing her apparent hookup with the soap star to Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp. The Drinking and Tweeting author alleged that she was told that Denise and Aaron had an open relationship and that Denise was “allowed” to be with other women but not men.

Brandi claimed that after she spent the night with Denise, the actress changed her tune and said her husband would “kill” her if he found out. Denise has repeatedly denied the affair rumors.

On Instagram, Brandi shared a photo from the shocking Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode. The pic was taken at a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In the photo, Brandi was seen socializing with Denise, Aaron, and former RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof. The group was decked out for the charity event, and Brandi was holding a glass of wine as she stood behind a bar and directed her attention to Denise and Aaron shortly after saying she was “nervous” about seeing them.

Fans who watched the show know that it was during this scene that Brandi told the married couple that she would like to be a “throuple” with them, as in a third party in their relationship. In a confessional interview later, Denise acted as though she had never heard the term “throuple” and asked a producer what it meant.


In comments to the Instagram post and on Twitter, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans were thoroughly confused by the timing of the party scene in relation to Brandi’s later comments about her alleged tryst with Denise.

“Brandi saying she wants to be a ‘throuple’ with Aaron and Denise.. then crying to Kyle and Teddi she was upset about hooking up with Denise?” one viewer tweeted.

“So Brandi was feeling super uncomfortable around Denise, but still asked to be a throuple with Denise and Aaron?!? Something’s not adding up here!!! #RHOBH,” another added.

“Brandi felt so taken advantage of and manipulated by Denise and Aaron that she asked to have a throuple with them at the party,” another wrote.

Many viewers noted that, based on Brandi’s flirty behavior with the Phypers’ at the charity gala, the scene with her saying she felt threatened by Denise after their hookup didn’t make sense. Some felt it was staged.

“[The] producers miscalculated,” one fan tweeted. “Bad strategy. Brandi was just saying she wants a throuple and super friendly but somehow she’s scared the next day at Kyle’s house? Please. RHOBH doesn’t deserve Denise.”

Brandi has addressed many fan comments about the episode. She urged viewers to “keep watching” and promised there is much more to the story that will play out this season on the Bravo reality show.