‘Below Deck’ Star Kate Chastain Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Secret & Calls The Show ‘Difficult’ For Cast Members

Karolina WojtasikBravo

Former Below Deck star, Kate Chastain, recently revealed a behind-the-scenes secret from the popular yachting reality show. The chief stewardess posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday showing what life was really like during filming. Kate called the show “one of the most difficult shows out there for cast members.”

“Going through my phone, found this fun video,” Kate began.

In the 15-second clip that was viewed over 69,000 times, Kate was in a bunk bed waving at a camera mounted to the ceiling of her small cabin. The reality star repeatedly moved her hand up and down for over 10 seconds before the room went dark. The Lucky Charming author explained that before bed the cast members were instructed to wave so that they could end their day.

“Every night, after working 16+ hours, we’d get into our tiny bunk, & have to wave to the camera so they’d turn our lights off.”

Fans could not believe that the yachties could not control the brightness in their rooms and some even questioned the notion in the replies. The tweet received thousands of likes and lots of comments from Kate’s 220,000-plus followers.

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“OMG! You can’t turn out your own lights,” a fan said.

Kate agreed with her follower’s assertion of absurdity.

“Pretty crazy huh. Permission to close our eyes please so we can get a little bit of sleep before another 16 hour day,” the radio host wrote.

“Omg you have to have them turn off the lights?? Wow never knew that and definitely give you more sympathy for doing that show,” another follower commented.

Kate then went on to claim that Below Deck was one of the most difficult programs for a cast to film. The chief stewardess did not go into specifics although episodes of the popular yachting reality series often reveal the crew members hustling from one area of the large boat to another while catering to sometimes demanding guests.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier revealed that she would take anti-inflammatories each night because her feet were so swollen from the day. The actress called the industry a “young person’s game.”

Hannah recently opened up about her edit this season after some fans questioned why production seemed to focus on the pregnant yachtie’s pill taking. There have been a few scenes this season that showed Hannah taking pills which she insisted were Advil. The actress, who announced her departure earlier this year, called this season of the Mediterranean version of the popular program “weird AF.”