Jenna Elfman Shares Rare Photo Of Her Son Story On His Birthday

Dharma and Greg actress Jenna Elfman melted the hearts of her 145,000 Instagram followers after posting a photo of her son, Story, on his birthday, adding an affectionate message where she gushed about how much she loved her eldest boy. Though Elfman generally keeps details about her two children private, she appeared to make a rare exception as the occasion marks her son's ascent into teenage-hood.

In honor of the big day, Elfman posted what looks to be a throwback shot of the two of them goofing around outside. The actress was dressed casually in a denim jacket and matching jeans, along with a black top and a yellow beanie that added a fun pop of color.

Meanwhile, the newly minted teenager wore a bright green puffer jacket along with black pants.

The two sweetly posed huddled together during a walk outside. Elfman bent down slightly as she wrapped her arm around the youngster, while Story teased his mom by giving her bunny ears.

In her caption, Elfman expressed her shock that her child was now a teenager, before writing out a more heartfelt message. She expressed how Story changed her life in the most perfect and beautiful of ways. She then thanked the 13-year-old for teaching her new life lessons.

Fans loved the new update, and the post quickly received nearly 1,000 likes and around 50 comments within just 40 minutes.

"New chapter. Welcome to the club," wrote Prison Break actress Danay Garcia, adding a smiling face emoji.

"Yes! Being a parent - best job ever," added a second user, emphasizing the sentiment with two red hearts.

However, a majority of users unsurprisingly wrote in to give the youngster birthday salutations.

"Happiest of Birthdays to your Son, and congratulations to you in this day," gushed a third fan, along with the party-hat face.

"I remember him as a baby!! Such a sweetheart! Happy birthday!!" added a fourth person, concluding the comment with a number of red hearts and rainbow symbols.

Though Elfman normally maintains a low profile when it comes to her relationship with her kids, she has on occasion offered fans glimpses into her home life. For example, she has previously discussed how her role as a parent has influenced her acting choices.

"I bring the love of my children to the love of these people, for sure… because I have two little boys, I know how to give love," she explained in a 2014 interview (via She Knows).

Story is not the only one who is celebrating a special milestone this week. As was previously covered by The Inquisitr, Alex Trebek turned 80 years old yesterday and honored the occasion with the release of a new memoir.