Pamela Anderson Shows Off Chic Airplane Look In Stunning Black & White Photos

Pamela Anderson showed off her chic airplane look in two stunning black-and-white images shared with her 1 million Instagram followers. The photo showed the actress and former Playboy playmate dressed and ready to take a flight to Los Angeles. She shared that it was her first time on an airplane since the coronavirus pandemic began in March. She dressed in an appropriate manner to help ensure her safety on the plane and added in her caption she would also be wearing blue gloves on her hands.

Pamela sported a one-piece jumpsuit made by Dickies for the pic. She posted that she purchased the apparel at a store called The Circle in Whistler, Canada. The actress is a native to the country.

In the first photo, she sported a face shield worn on her forehead, its plastic covering falling past her chin. It also held back the front of her platinum blond hair, which fell atop her shoulders in waves. She held a face mask in her right hand. Her left hand was hooked into the pocket of the garment. Pamela wore strappy, dark-colored high heels with the outfit, which gave the protective gear a chic look.

In the second share, Pamela modeled the same outfit, but this time the mask was worn under her face shield. On her arm, a black purse was seen. The accessory featured large, silver studs on its shorter handles and large strap.

It was not stated where the photo was taken, but the area featured paneled walls and a large, full-length mirror.

One of Pamela's sons with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Brandon, commented that this fashion choice of his mother was his favorite look of all time. His positive comment toward his mother's dynamic travel style received almost 100 likes thus far.

Pamela's second son, Dylan, did not comment on the pic. Instead, he added a like to the 20,062 positive clicks.

Other fans reacted to the glam look positively, with many stating that only someone like Pamela could make protective gear look chic.

"NOOO WAYYYY, you looook sooooo fire," stated one follower.

"Have a safe flight to your destination," commented a second fan, hopeful the actress's protective measures help her remain healthy.

"I need a zip-up now after seeing this," said a third Instagram follower of the celebrity and their decision to purchase an outfit like the stunning 53-year-old.

"Be safe beautiful lady," remarked a fourth follower.