Constance Nunes Sizzles In A Tiny Bikini, Teases She's 'Eatin' My Heart Out Waitin'

Constance Nunes took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to promote an energy drink, but it was her flawless figure that was barely encased by a tiny bikini that demanded everybody's attention. The bombshell auto mechanic combined a hot car with a skimpy ensemble, and her fans could barely contain their excitement.

This setting might have looked a little familiar to some of Constance's followers. It appeared that these new snaps might be from the same photo shoot she did a few months ago.

In February, Constance shared a few pictures from the shoot on her Instagram page. On Wednesday, she posted some photos that were new to her fans but struck a similar chord. For Wednesday's post, she was wearing a slightly different ensemble to show off her jaw-dropping curves.

The new pair of uploads showed Constance leaning against what appeared to be her vintage Mustang. She wore a black bikini and boots, and she left little to the imagination with this ensemble.

In the first photo, Constance squatted down with her back against the vehicle. She had one hand on her hip as her dark tresses blew in the breeze. She maintained a rather pouty facial expression as she gazed seductively at the camera.

"My Lord, you're a stunningly beautiful woman," one of her followers commented.

The second photo showed Constance standing, leaning on the hood of the Mustang as she braced herself on one hand. She tugged slightly at the strap of her bikini bottoms and nearly spilled out of the skimpy top.

These uploads were designed to promote Rockstar Energy, so a can was present in both photos. It also appeared that Constance's suit was from the brand's merchandise line.

"Damn you look fine as hell," an impressed fan touted.

"You just make the pictures perfect!" a follower declared.

Constance has nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, and this new pair of snapshots were an immediate hit. More than 50,000 people liked the post in just the first hour after she had first shared them. In addition, nearly 1,000 comments poured in during that time.

"Wow you're so gorgeous and also so super sexy and also so super hot," someone else praised.

Plenty of people focused their admiration on the Mustang, but it did seem as if quite a few were torn between the fabulous car and the drop-dead gorgeous mechanic. People never seem to tire of seeing either of them, and a combination setup like this was clearly a big winner.