Bruna Rangel Lima Shows Off Incredible Booty In Revealing Mesh Cover-Up

Instagram sensation Bruna Rangel Lima flaunted her incredible assets to the delight of her 4 million followers on Wednesday evening. The post racked up just shy of 25,000 likes in less than an hour after it was uploaded.

The two images pictured the gorgeous model posed sunning herself on a balcony in a revealing tropical bikini and crisp white cover-up.

In the first photo, Bruna faced her incredible derriere to the camera and placed both hands on the steel railing in front of her. She arched her back and looked over her sun-kissed right shoulder with a sultry gaze and slightly parted lips.

Her long blond tresses were parted in the center and styled straight. Her hair was flipped over both shoulders, nearly tickling the top of her booty.

Bruna's white thong bikini bottom allowed her to show off almost all of her ample rear end. Smooth, golden skin peeked through the wide holes of her minuscule cover-up, which was knotted loosely around the most narrow part of her slender waist. Its ties grazed the outside of her toned thigh.

The thin slip of fabric only covered half of her derriere, leaving the perfect curves of her under-cheeks completely bare.

Bruna had her left knee raised and rested against the monogrammed glass that enclosed the balcony. This positioning created space between her thighs, highlighting the long lines of her alluring behind.

The camera was placed below her and angled upwards, beautifully emphasizing her ample physique.

In the second image, Bruna turned to face the camera head-on. She leaned against the railing with her right elbow and unbalanced her weight so that one hip was cocked, accentuating her stunning hourglass shape.

She leaned her head to one side and gently tousled her hair with her fingers. Her left arm relaxed by her side, with her forearm resting against the roundness of her rear.

The front of the bikini had two small triangles of fabric with a leafy, tropical pattern dotted with pink flowers on a bright white base. It was cinched behind her neck and across her torso with thin strings, and her voluptuous breasts left little to the imagination.

Her bust was pushed together, highlighting her killer cleavage and tanned decolletage.

Bruna tagged her swimwear line, Brukinis, in the caption. She also suggested that the shoot occurred in California.

As reported by The Inquisitr, just recently she posted an image from Puerto Rico, in which she displayed her famous tanned buns while sunbathing on the roof of a Jeep.