Ice Cube Says Hollywood Studios Owe A 'Form Of Reparations' For 'Stealing' Black History

Actor and rapper Ice Cube appeared on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday and spoke about his belief that Hollywood organizations should fund Black projects as a "form of reparations" for stealing African American culture.

As reported by Breitbart, the rapper took particular aim at some of the entertainment industry's largest companies, including MGM, Warner Bros., and Universal.

"Black studios is virtually all the studios who've contributed in our narrative, in our pain, in our misrepresentation, in stealing our history and giving it to white people for over a 100 years. So I think these studios that we know and love should kick in to a studio that's ran by black people with no outside influences, and whose movies and projects are owned by those black people."
According to Ice Cube, Black directors, artists, and writers should own the rights to their work. However, he expressed support for major businesses being able to license Black-owned projects at the discretion of the creators.

Ice Cube's comments are part of his political project called "Contract with Black America," which is a detailed proposal that he plans to provide to all of the political parties and candidates that are vying for power in the November election.

According to the actor, African Americans should receive 13.5 percent of profits due to the percentage of the United States they make up. He also claimed that he does not feel "truly free" in the U.S., despite his wealth and many accomplishments.

"No way to feel free in America, because I'm connected to our people you know, so I actually feel the pain," he said.

Ice Cube performs during the BIG3 Championship at the Barclays Center on August 24, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.
Getty Images | Adam Hunger

In another recent interview with Jemele Hill, Ice Cube again touched on his political project. As noted by TheThings, the rapper said it is essential for each American school to have a Black population that reflects the percentage of African Americans in its particular region. He called for something similar in all government civil rights investigative bodies, and as part of this plan has pushed for additional polling sites in minority neighborhoods. Ice Cube calls for an end to "patience" and argues for systematic changes to America to be enacted immediately.

Ice Cube also used the interview to deny being anti-Semitic. As The Inquisitr reported, the producer received pushback for his recent tweets that included photos with purported anti-Semitic imagery as well as an occult symbol linked to some conspiracy theories. In the past, Ice Cube has been accused of anti-Semitism in his lyrics.