Maria Menounos Looks Radiant In A Green Bikini While Hanging Out In The Pool

Maria Menounos took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to impress her 929,000 followers with a gorgeous bikini pic. She slipped into a green two-piece and then went for a dip in the pool while looking radiant.

The entertainment reporter stood in the shallow end of the curved inground pool and leaned over the side, resting her forearms on the concrete deck encompassing the body of water.

Maria relaxed in a gorgeous outdoor oasis, complete with an array of verdant trees and bushes behind her. The corner of what appeared to be a poolhouse peeked out from between the thin trunks of the palm trees lining the edge of the space. Behind the 42-year-old was a square-shaped fountain with two mini waterfalls cascading into the pool.

She smiled softly at the camera, looking like an absolute bombshell with her toned body and voluminous locks of brown hair tinged with caramel highlights. Photographed from the side, Maria showcased her freckled, sunkissed arms and backside. The majority of toned midriff was left on display, along with some of her upper back, although her long locks obscured most of it.

Her emerald green bikini appeared to have a halter top, and her bottoms sat snugly on her slender waist, accentuating her curvy shape. Despite going for a swim, Maria did not skimp on the accessories. It looked like she was wearing her wedding ring on her left hand, and several bracelets adorned her right wrist.

In her caption, the WWE ambassador joked she was trying to blend in with her surroundings alongside two palm tree emoji.

Maria's fans seemed to love her breathtaking new photograph. In less than 30 minutes of being shared, more than 8,700 people had liked it, and close to 200 commented.

"Blend in she says... knowing that she outshines most," wrote one admirer.

"Don't blend in - you were clearly meant to stand out!" chimed in another.

"Beautiful!! I love your smile, its pretty amazing!" raved a third fan.

"I love your hair color, you always have the best hair, sooo gorgeous," contributed a fourth person.

Aside from her regular fans, several of Maria's famous colleagues also liked and commented on her post, including Evy Poumpouras, Gabrielle Bernstein, Olivia Pierson, Meaghan B. Murphy, and hairstylist Dimitri Giannetos.

"Hottie! Excited to catch up today!" exclaimed Murphy.

On Memorial Day, The Inquisitr reported that Maria shared a sexy pic of herself rocking a white lace bikini while holding a pink smoothie.