Natasha Oakley Goes Braless In Floaty White Dress While Sailing At Sunset

Natasha Oakley looked breathtaking in her latest Instagram post. The model went braless in a white dress that revealed her audacious curves and highlighted her incredible beauty. The offering lit up her social media feed and stunned her followers who raced to view the image.

The bikini queen, who co-owns the Monday Swimwear line with her business partner Devin Brugman, flaunted her assets in a flimsy dress that floated around her as she posed. Natasha was not wearing a bra and the plunging neckline of the garment showed off her impressive cleavage. The robe had a supporting strap just beneath her bust, which only emphasized her nearly bare decolletage.

The garment cinched at her waist and highlighted her hourglass curves as she enjoyed the outdoors. The robe's skirt had a back and a front panel that were not stitched together and allowed her to show off her deeply bronzed legs.

Natasha styled her hair in a center-part and allowed her blond mane to cascade down her shoulders and back. She accessorized with bold statement earrings and a bracelet on each arm.

The entrepreneur celebrated her 30th birthday on the Whitsunday Islands, which are just off Australia's coast. She has been sharing photos from her trip. In yesterday's Instagram offering, she wore the same dress and shared some of her birthday experience with her followers.
"I planned to be in Lake Como for my 30th birthday but being here surrounded by nature actually seemed much more fitting. It gave me the space and calmness to reflect on my life and to be extra grateful. Sometimes life disrupts your plans because it has something better in store."
Natasha's geotag suggested that she was in Whitehaven Beach, which is located in Whitsunday. The view was spectacular as the sun was just setting and bathed the sea in a soft pink glow. In the background, the ocean barely rippled and presented a glass-like surface to the mountains that stood watch.

The model sat on the rail of a yacht and held one hand to her waist. She half-turned her body and put her suntanned right leg on display through the folds of her frock. Natasha looked away from the camera and slightly parted her lips.

The pic was an instant hit among her admirers. Soon after she shared the snap, it sparked a frenzy as they flocked to engage with her on social media. Many left glowing compliments on her feed.

"That must be the Drop Dead Gorgeous Sea that I've only read about but never actually been to (heart emoji) xo (flame emoji) nice Tash," one person praised.

Another thought she was "an actual goddess."

More than 2.2 million people follow the entrepreneur on Instagram alone. They loved her latest photograph and more than 30,000 have already liked the image.