Sara Underwood Flaunts Her Ample Assets In Nude Bikini: 'Alone Time With A Waterfall'

On Wednesday, July 22, Sara Underwood wowed her Instagram followers with a breathtaking new photo. In addition to capturing her incredible body, it included a panoramic view of a serene, natural setting.

The former Playboy Playmate of the Year often poses in secluded places where she's surrounded by nature, and her latest photo did an excellent job of showcasing the beauty of her shoot's location as well as her beauty. She was photographed standing on a ledge high above the dark water of a wide river. The rocky outcrop she posed on was covered with green moss, and a few scattered plants grew between the crevices of the rock face.

Behind Sara, dense trees and other flora grew along the edge of the cliff. An even higher wall of rock was visible in the distance. A large waterfall cascaded down its steep side into the river below, sending up a thick spray of white mist. A small segment of the turquoise sky with a few fluffy white clouds added a pop of vibrant color to the photograph.

Sara was located in the bottom right corner of the photo. The model wore a nude string bikini that showed plenty of skin. Her swimsuit top had scrunched triangle cups that hugged her curvy chest. Due to the positioning of her body, she was showing off an angled view of her cleavage. She posed with her arms raised up and her hands behind her head, which stretched her torso out to accentuate her washboard stomach.

Sara was barefoot, and she had the muddied toes of her right foot pointed. Her right knee was bent, and the leg was positioned slightly in front of her left limb. Her legs were long and toned, and her skimpy two-piece also showed off a tease of her peachy backside. Her bottom appeared to be pressed against the rough rock behind her. She was captured staring down at the water as she touched her shoulder-length blond hair.

In the caption of her post, Sara made sure to credit photographer, Steve Bitanga, for taking the stunning snapshot. Her Instagram followers rewarded his efforts by pressing the like button on Sara's post over 29,000 times in the span of an hour. Her fans also shared their thoughts about the picture in the comments section.

"Looks like a painting!" wrote one fan.

"Happy Hump Day," another admirer remarked. "May I say you look like Jane from Tarzan."

"Serene and gorgeous...the waterfall and you!" a third message read.

Waterfalls often appear in Sara's sexy uploads. She was pictured posing in front of one in another image that showed her modeling a red macrame bikini.