Hugh Jackman Stalker Throws Pubic Razor At Him During Workout

Hugh Jackman’s stalker sounds like she’s the worst.

An alleged stalker screamed “I love you!” at the Australian actor as she threw an electric razor filled with her pubic hair at him at a New York gym, said law enforcement officials.

The New York Post reports that 47-year-old Kathleen Thurston burst into the Gotham Gym in the West Village around 8am where Jackman was working out. She was reportedly sobbing hysterically as she brushed past the check-in desk at the small gym, and was headed straight for the actor when she was spotted by 35-year-old Mike Castle, a Gotham trainer.

She shouted “I love you!” at Jackman, and reached into her waistband. Jackman, thinking she was reaching for a gun or a knife, backed away immediately. She produced an electric razor, dirty, and allegedly filled with her pubic hair. She threw it at Jackman, and was then restrained by Castle.

“She was crying,” Castle recalled. “I physically removed her from the place, then I called the cops.”

After she was removed from the gym, cops caught up to her a few blocks away. She was arrested at that point. Law enforcement authorities recovered the electric razor, and picked hairs out of it to match them with Thurston’s DNA.

Thurston had a listed address, a Harlem shelter for the mentally ill. She was charged with stalking and taken to court, where she was awaiting arraignment. She has allegedly stalked Jackman before, once showing up at his home in the Village, where the 44-year-old lives with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.

Jackman also told police that he has seen her outside of his daughter’s elementary school in Manhattan. Thurston has no prior criminal history, and Jackman does not have a restraining order against her.

But police say Thurston has no prior criminal history, and Jackman didn’t have a restraining order against her.

“You wouldn’t expect someone coming in here and looking to come after you like that,” said Gotham staff member David Rivera. “To just have someone invade his personal space like that is not OK.”

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