Madi Teeuws Wears Skintight Athleisure Wear In Before & After Shots To Highlight Instagram Editing Apps

Social media star Madi Teeuws recently stunned her Instagram followers after flaunting her enviable figure in skintight athleisure wear. The triple-pic update was originally posted to show “before” and “after” shots of her body by demonstrating how appearances can be altered with both proper posing and photo editing programs.

For the occasion, Teeuws wore a bright red athleisure set. The color not only added a fun pop of color to the gym setting, but also highlighted the model’s sun-kissed skin.

The top part of the ensemble consisted of a classic sports bra with a deep V-neckline. The neckline was low enough to give fans a hint of her décolletage, and cinched just below the bust to emphasize her trim torso.

Sure to flaunt her toned midriff, Teeuws coupled the sports bra with a pair of skintight yoga pants. They were made from a spandex material that hugged her curves.

In the first picture, Teeuws pushed the hem of the pants down to show off all of her abs. In the second, they were returned to the high-waisted style, which served to accentuate her hourglass figure.

She wore a hair elastic around her wrist. Her blond locks were left naturally styled, and they loosely cascaded down to just past her shoulders. Continuing the simple aesthetic, Teeuws kept the rest of her look fresh-faced, letting her natural beauty shine through.

In the three uploads that she posted, the model offered one “before” photo to show how she looked if she did not pose strategically or wear makeup. In the second, she showed how flattering clothing and employing better angles made a difference for the shot. Lastly, Teeuws demonstrated how editing could change her image even more.

Fans loved the triple-post update, awarding the post over 14,000 likes and more than 280 comments.

“I really hope you know that you’re awesome no matter what, and you’re special because there’s never been anyone else just like you,” gushed one fan, adding two thumbs up emoji.

“Looking good in RED,” raved a second fan, emphasizing the compliment with two rose symbols.

“Madi you’re good bb. Positivity always,” wrote a third fan.

“You look perfect the way you are,” added a fourth follower, concluding the comment with both blue and red hearts.

This is not the first time this week that the former Deal or No Deal model has wowed her fans. As covered by The Inquisitr, she recently dropped jaws after modeling a tiny white swim set with cowboy boots.