Katelyn Runck Rocks Mint Green Bodysuit In Steamy Bedroom Photos

Fitness model Katelyn Runck has a body worthy of envy, which she put on display in her latest Instagram update. On Wednesday, she shared a series of two photos that saw her rocking a mint green bodysuit that showed off her incredible physique.

The mist green suit flattered her bronze skin tone. The sexy number featured a scoop neckline and -- by the shape of the armholes -- a racerback. The cut of the armholes also showed a good deal of sideboob. The high-cut gave her fans a nice look at the shape of her booty. Ruched seams highlighted her slender midsection.

The first picture of the set captured Katelyn in a bedroom with a blurred bathroom behind her. Part of a lamp sitting on a nightstand could be seen next to the bed.

Katelyn struck a sexy pose as she stood with one knee on the mattress. The image captured her from a side angle and the dark colors of the background emphasized her curvy silhouette. She arched her back and held her hair in her hands, showing off her voluptuous chest, thin waistline and muscular back. The pose also showed off the nice round shape of her derrière as well as the flexed muscle at the top of her hip. She looked forward with a slight pout on her face.

In the second snap, Katelyn stood in the doorway of the bathroom. The image was cropped just below her knees.

The popular influencer stood with both of her hands on the sides of the doorframe, showing off her muscular shoulders and biceps. The pose also put her bustline on display in the tight-fitting bodysuit. Katelyn stood at a slight angle with one of her legs forward. She put her shapely thighs on display as well as the side of her booty. She stared ahead with a serious expression. Her long dark tresses cascaded down her back in loose waves, a section of curls falling over one shoulder.

In the post's caption, Katelyn asked her followers which photo they preferred.

Some of her admirers had a hard time choosing a favorite.

"Oh Lordy. There is nothing you don't look good in. Love both pics," commented one admirer.

Other fans seemed too distracted by the photos to even read her caption, as they simply raved over how hot she looked.

"You're literally a perfect combination of insane beauty + muscles," a second Instagram user chimed in.

"You're truly the most stunning and gorgeous girl in the entire world," gushed a third follower.

"You are looking sizzling today you are awesome gorgeous," wrote a fourth fan.

Katelyn recently wowed her fans when she shared a snap that featured her flaunting her cleavage in a neon swimsuit while she soaked up some sun on the beach.