Bob Costas Slams CBS For Ignoring Augusta National’s Racist Past [Video]

Bob Costas recently slammed CBS Sports for ignoring the history of racism and sexism at the Augusta National Golf Club.

The organization is responsible for running the Masters golf tournament. Since Augusta National has received its share of backlash for the way it has treated women and minorities in the past, CBS runs the tournament commercial-free to avoid being boycotted by advertisers.

Bob Costas took issue with CBS during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. After declining to do an impersonation of former Masters announcer Jim Nance, Costas explained why he has problems with the network and the Augusta National Golf Club.

Bob Costas explained on the radio program:

“What no CBS announcer has ever alluded to, even in passing, even during a rain delay, even when there was time to do so, is Augusta’s history of racism and sexism. Even when people were protesting just outside the grounds. Forget about taking a side — never acknowledging it. So not only would I never work the Masters because I’m not at CBS, but I’d have to say something, and then I would be ejected.”

The Augusta National was first established back in 1933. However, the organization did not allow any black golfers to join up until 1990. Women were excluded from the golf club until 2012. The National Council of Women’s Organizations previously protested Augusta’s sexism on the grounds at the Masters tournament.

Bob Costas added that he didn’t want to shove the issue down anyone’s throat. However, Costas stated that CBS Sports should at least acknowledge Augusta National’s past in its coverage of the tournament.

The announcer said:

“I think somebody should have had the guts to do it at some point along the way. Broadcaster, executive — somebody should have said to someone at Augusta, ‘Look, this is an issue … and it’s an elephant in the room. And we’re going to address it … so that our heads are not in the collective sand trap.”

You can watch video of the interview below. The conversation about the Masters and CBS Sports begins at around the 10:15 mark.

What do you think about Bob Costas’ remarks about CBS Sports and Augusta National? Do you think the network should address the golf club’s past during their broadcast of the Masters tournament?

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