Kelly Ripa 'Sizzles' In A Hot Dog Suit As She Shares Hilarious Throwback From Her 'Hope & Faith' Days

Kelly Ripa got "frank" as she shared a throwback photo from her Hope & Faith days on her Instagram page. The Live With Kelly and Ryan star, 49, posted a funny photo from a memorable episode of her former ABC sitcom as she celebrated National Hot Dog Day.

Kelly is known for her sizzling throwbacks, but this one was hot in a whole new way. In the photo, the Live co-host was seen wearing a hot dog suit complete with a hood, a velour bun, and a fabric squirt of yellow mustard along the front. The actress, who played Faith Fairfield on the comedy series for three seasons from 2003 to 2006, looked humiliated in the pic while her co-stars Faith Ford and Ted McGinley appeared confused.

Fans may recall the frankfurter-themed episode from Kelly's comedy series, which aired more than 15 years ago. In the Season 1 episode titled "Summary Judgement," her character was in hot water after burning down the set of The Sacred & The Sinful, the soap opera she was fired from. The canned soap star then took odd jobs, such as dressing up as a hot dog and working as her sister Hope's assistant, as a way to earn money to pay for the arson damage.

In the caption to the post, Kelly wished her fans -- aka "you wieners" -- a very Happy National Hot Dog Day. The talk show queen also shared pics of a pal dressed in a hot dog suit at an outdoor event as she commemorated the summertime "holiday," which falls on the third Wednesday in July.

In comments to the post, fans said they miss Kelly's sitcom. Others loved her hot dog costume and her choice of one condiment as a topping.

"Just mustard on a hotdog is the only way!" one fan wrote.

"I love that you only have mustard on your costume, same way you like your hot dog," another added.

"I love a good dog, once twice a year," wrote Kelly's pal, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna.

Kelly has a fabulous figure, so it's doubtful that hot dogs are part of her daily diet -- although she could be eating her fair share of buns these days. During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via YouTube), Kelly admitted that she has changed her eating habits while quarantining with her family, which she's been doing since March when the global coronavirus health pandemic began.

"I eat solid food," Kelly said. "I'm on an all-carbohydrate diet. That's what's changed during the pandemic."