Anllela Sagra Teasingly Skips & Squats In Tight Daisy Duke Shorts & A Floral Sports Bra

Colombian fitness model Anllela Sagra shared a new video on her Instagram page on Tuesday that caused quite the stir among her followers. The clip was made to promote the Bang Energy drink, and fans know that Anllela has done quite a few of these promos in the past. For this one, the stunning brunette flaunted her incredible physique in a tight pair of Daisy Duke shorts and a floral sports bra, and it certainly generated a lot of heat.

The promo started with Anllela sitting on top of a rock wall with her legs seductively spread apart. She braced herself by leaning on one arm as her other hand casually rested between her legs. One foot dangled loosely over the edge of the rocks while the other rested on top of the stones.

Anllela wore a long denim shirt that was unbuttoned and left open to show her bare midriff and flashy sports bra. The shirt was pushed down off of one tanned, muscular shoulder as the video began, and the model's dark tresses cascaded over one shoulder as she gazed seductively toward the videographer.

Within a couple of seconds, the shot zoomed in on Anllela's face. She played with a strand of her hair as she closed her eyes and tilted her head. Next, she was shown from the side, sipping from the can of the energy drink.

"You are one beautiful doll. You are beautiful as the most beautiful rose," one of Anllela's followers declared in the comments section.

Plenty of underboob was revealed by the sports bra, and people could not miss Anllela's chiseled abs. The angle in the clip then shifted and showed the gorgeous Colombian teasingly blowing leaves toward the camera. Soon, she stood atop the rock wall and took off the denim shirt entirely.

She skipped along the ledge, flaunting her toned legs and rock-hard abs as the camera zoomed in to highlight her skintight denim shorts and curves. Anllela then shifted into a deep squat and smiled flirtily as she looked toward the camera. The clip finished with a shot of Anllela leaning against the wall and sipping the drink.

"Perfection," a fan commented.

"Positively glowing in this one," another fan said.

Anllela has been teasing her 11.7 million Instagram followers with plenty of sultry gazes and seductive poses lately. This video received a lot of love from the Colombian model's fans, as it was viewed about 75,000 times in less than 18 hours. Dozens of people commented to show their appreciation for this sexy string of flirty poses and there was no question that people loved what they saw.