'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Hannah Ferrier Responds To Her Edit & Calls This Season 'Weird AF'

Kristen Markel

Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain her thoughts on the edit she has received this season after fans called out the show's production for making it appear as though she had been taking pills. The chief stewardess explained her actions and called this season "weird AF."

There have been a few scenes of the chief stewardess in her cabin taking a pill at the end of the night this season. During the last episode, Hannah commented that she should take Valium due to all of the craziness. Later in the show, the chief stewardess was spotted taking a pill. Some fans noticed the editing and questioned the scenes.

"Seriously what is with these candid shots of @hannahferrier taking pills before bed??!!! What's #BelowDeckMed production doing," a fan tweeted.

"Hannah can't possibly be the only person who takes medicine on this boat, right? Why do they only show her taking her meds," another fan asked.

"Hahaha / this was Advil for swollen feet," The Below Deck Mediterranean star responded.

The yachtie shared that she took anti-inflammatories because the industry is a "young person's game," and her feet were swollen from the day. The crew is in the middle of a busy charter season.

One fan joked that Hannah should be taking the medicine because it was such a tough season.

"Oh! I assumed it was a much deserved Valium," a fan tweeted with a laughing emoji.

This season has been full of challenges for the crew and Hannah in particular. The chief stewardess and her second stewardess, Lara Flumiani, have famously disagreed from day one. The situation between the two became so contentious that the Italian stewardess quit and Christine "Bugsy" Drake returned to replace her.

Bugsy and Hannah previously worked together on Season 2 of the popular yachting reality show. During that time, the ladies did not get along, and Hannah was hesitant about the South African stewardess's return. Fans noticed a change in the chief stewardess.

"Am I the only one that thinks bringing bugsy back killed Hannah's spirit," a fan tweeted.

The chief stewardess responded with a gif of a cat shaking its head left to right, indicating no.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently in its fifth season. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hannah has hinted that this season of the yachting show would be her last. Shortly after those comments, the reality star announced that she was expecting her first child with her boyfriend of a little over a year. The yachtie has been very private about her relationship, and very little is known about her partner, Josh. The two recently moved into a house together in Hannah's native city of Sydney.