Tarsha Whitmore Poses On A Kitchen Island While Clad In Curve-Hugging Jumpsuit

Tarsha Whitmore knows how to capture her fans' attention on social media, and that's precisely what she did with her July 22 update on Instagram. The post consisted of two photos that showed the Australian model in a curve-hugging jumpsuit.

The first image in the set showed Tarsha posed on top of her kitchen island. The countertop boasted a white marble pattern and had beautiful hues of gray running across it. The backsplash of the wall behind her possessed the same marble while the island itself was constructed of dark wood. A geotag in the update indicated that Tarsha was in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Tarsha sat on the counter and bent both of her legs at the knee. She extended her left leg toward the side and grabbed her ankle while the opposite leg was bent near her chest, and she used her knee as a rest for her elbow. Tarsha faced her torso toward the camera and shot an alluring stare into the lens.

She sizzled in a tight white jumpsuit from retailer Oh Polly. The garment had thick straps that secured over her shoulders while the scooping neckline teased a glimpse of cleavage. The middle of the clothing was tight on her waist and helped accentuate her tiny midsection. Meanwhile, the bottom of the jumpsuit boasted short shorts that allowed the model to show off her bronze legs.

Tarsha completed her ensemble with a pair of gray-and-white Air Jordans that looked like they had just come out of the box. The second image in the set captured Tarsha in the same outfit, but she altered her pose ever so slightly and gazed off into the distance as she kicked one leg out toward the camera.

Tarsha showed off her newly dyed blond tresses, which were parted in the middle and spilled over her shoulder and back. She added mermaid-like curls throughout her mane to complete her sexy look.

The photo set has only been live on her page for a little more than an hour, but it's earned Tarsha plenty of attention with over 6,000 likes. The upload has also been commented on over 70 times, and that number continues to climb.

"I love this outfit and your shoes wow," one follower gushed alongside a few heart emoji.

"Wow love this shot - insane," a second Instagrammer chimed in.

"Stunning Baby Girl... Beyond beautiful and cute... " a third complimented.

"Magnificent in blond... I can't get over you," one more added with the addition of a few heart-eyed emoji.