Doina Barbaneagra Gets Steamy In 'Baby Blue' Two-Piece Set

Doina Barbaneagra has been sharing several sexy snapshots on her Instagram feed lately. Most have showed her in scanty outfits that flaunt her insane physique, a trend she continued in her most recent upload. On July 21, the Vienna-based model shared three sultry snaps that showed her in a plunging two-piece set, tantalizing her viewers.

Doina rocked a new light blue set from Oh Polly that was seemingly made of airy cotton fabric. It included a crop top with ruffles and a puff sleeve. It had a tie-front detail and a deep neckline that exposed a generous amount of her cleavage. The piece seemed lined, which kept her buxom curves from being exposed. However, the chest area appeared cut so small that it barely contained her bust.

She wore matching bikini-cut undies that clung high to her slim waistline. The undergarment accentuated her curvy hips, while the high leg cuts left plenty of skin exposed, leaving little to the imagination.

In the first pic, the Moldovan hottie was photographed inside her room dressed in her skimpy ensemble. She seductively posed by kneeling on the bed. For the second, she leaned to the side with her right hand as support, while her other hand grabbed some strands of hair. She also tilted her head as she looked straight into the camera with a pensive look.

The final snapshot showed a closer look at Doina. She occupied mostly one side of the frame, posing with her hip popped to the side. She faced the photographer with a serious expression. A filter was applied to the photo, giving it a sort of double exposure effect.

Doina sported several accessories, including a pair of small hoop earrings and a choker-style necklace. She tied her brunette locks into a messy ponytail, leaving a few tendrils of hair loose to frame her face.

She wrote a short caption about the color of her attire, adding a butterfly and sparkles emoji to her words. She also tagged Oh Polly in the post and the picture.

Her latest upload has earned a lot of love from her fans, as most of them dived into the comments section to shower her with compliments and various messages. Fans and a few other influencers hit the "like" button over 18,300 times and left more than 200 comments on the titillating post. Other avid admirers were short on words, opting to drop a mix of emoji instead.

"Enchanting beauty," one wrote.

"I love your look! Absolutely stunning!" gushed another admirer.

"Too much heat in these pics," a third user commented, adding a flame emoji at the end of their comment.