Alec Baldwin Talks Shia LaBeouf, Spitting On Rupert Murdoch And Conservatives

Alec Baldwin claims he’s done with interviews so — in what may well be his last one ever — the outspoken but invariably interesting actor made sure it was a doozy.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter after a preview Broadway performance in Orphans, the actor elaborated on his previous comments about Shia LaBeouf’s decision to publicly post emails from him, Baldwin, Tom Sturridge and the play’s director Daniel Sullivan, after he abruptly left the production.

Asked if he was surprised at LaBeouf’s actions, the 55-year-old actor said:

“I was, yes. I was very surprised,” adding,”People, on occasion, leave films, TV shows. It’s unpleasant, but it’s unavoidable. He’s going through whatever he’s going through… and there does seem to be an inverse proportion to how much experience you have and how much you shoot your mouth off.”


Moving on. Baldwin, who is known for his highly critical views on conservatism was asked if her ever discussed politics with his brother Stephen, who is liberal.

“His politics have no relevance in my life whatsoever,” Baldwin said, bluntly. “I don’t say that, by the way, in a mean-spirited way or a reductive way.”

“Ultraconservatism is, to me, so illogical. Everywhere you go conservatives want to cut, cut, cut, cut — cut money for powerless people. So that’s the biggest problem I have with them.”

Jumping to the Oscars, the second time around father-to-be echoed Tina Fey and said he would never do the Oscars again, calling it a “thankless job.”

But things got really interesting when Baldwin poured forth on the subjects of Fox News, Page Six, the New York Post and the man behind them — Rupert Murdoch.

The actor’s run-ins with each of these are well documented — most recently he was accused of racially abusing a New York Post photog, which Baldwin denies — telling THR he didn’t think he would be a target if he was a conservative Republican.

Page Six is kind of a stiletto for a rabidly conservative political operation.You know, Fox News, Rupert Murdoch — killing people of a certain stripe, that’s their goal. And I just happen to be the recipient of an abundance of that,” he said.

Then, came the money-shot comment.

“On any given day, I have other things to do, typically. But every now and then, spitting on Murdoch, Fox News, the New York Post and Page Six… I feel like I was born to do that.”

If this really is Baldwin’s last interview, well played.

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