Lisa Vanderpump Shares Pics Of Pink Cake Topped With Sugar Dogs As She Celebrates Husband Ken's 75th Birthday

Lisa Vanderpump shared photos of the sweetest treat ever to her Instagram page.

The Bravo star, who just announced her Peacock spinoff series Vanderpump Dogs, posted pics of a one-of-a-kind birthday cake created for her dog-loving husband, Ken Todd, on his special day.

In a sweet media post, a cake covered in piles of pink frosting was displayed on a platter. The delightful dessert was decorated with a variety of mini puppies and pink roses, and luscious strawberries were adorned along the bottom of the dessert. There were also hearts and flowers made out of fondant and the words "Happy Birthday Daddy" written on the baked treat in white icing. A second photo showed the homemade treat with three lit candles on top in honor of the big birthday in the Vanderpump-Todd house.

In the caption to the post, Lisa noted that the cake was made by her daughter, Pandora Vanderpump Sabo, and that it reflected Ken's passion for pups as well as the couple's love for the color pink.

Pandora also shared the photos to her Instagram page, which can be seen here, as she admitted that the dessert she baked was a bit over-the-top.

"Went a little overboard making this cake for my daddy's birthday, but once I started making sugar doggies I couldn't stop," she captioned the pics. "Plus I know he loves nothing more than puppies and fluffy vanilla cake, so it was worth it! 4 layers of yummy cake with homemade strawberries and cream icing, topped with hand-painted sugar dogs... The ultimate Vanderpump Dogs cake haha!"

In comments to the photos, Vanderpump's fans commended Pandora's decorating skills, with many saying the cake looked way too adorable to eat.

"This is the cutest thing ever!" one fan wrote.

"So cute I could cry!" another added.

Another fan said the cake was missing mini horses, turtles, and swans – all species that can be found at the Vanderpump-Todd family's Beverly Hills home, Villa Rosa. And others noted the dessert appeared to be missing a few candles.

As for how many candles the family patriarch should be blowing out this year, it appears Ken has hit a major milestone in 2020.

While Lisa is still in her 50s, in July 2015, Ken confirmed that he turned 70 years old, according to Bravo TV. That would make this year the wealthy bar and restaurant owner's 75th birthday, so it's no wonder his daughter marked the occasion with such an elaborate and heartfelt cake.