Gymnast Shawn Johnson Rocks Her ‘Favorite’ Swimsuit & Drags Her Baby Girl Across Pool Float In Funny Video

Shawn was sitting on a giant floating mat, and her daughter was trying to make a run for it.

Shawn Johnson teams up with Dove to launch #mybeautymysay
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Shawn was sitting on a giant floating mat, and her daughter was trying to make a run for it.

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson reassured her fans that “no tiny humans were harmed in the making of” her latest Instagram upload. In the cute video, she and her adorable 8-month-old daughter, Drew, were enjoying a sunny day by hanging out at a lake. However, the little girl wasn’t content to simply float around with her mom, and Shawn had to take action when she tried to make a run for it.

For her fun family outing, Shawn, 28, rocked a sporty mismatched two-piece. Her bathing suit top was a wine-red bralette with a scoop neck and spaghetti straps. She coupled the top with a pair of bottoms that were a brighter crimson color. They boasted a high-cut leg and a high-rise waist that flattered her figure. The petite athlete was asked about the swimsuit in the comments section of her Instagram post, where she revealed that it was a design from Left on Friday. She described it as her “favorite swimsuit to date.”

Shawn was also rocking a pair of mirrored sunglasses, and she had her damp hair pulled up in a topknot. As for Drew, the little girl had her head and face covered up with a bright pink sunhat with a large floppy brim. She sported a matching pink swimsuit and tiny life vest.

Shawn’s husband, former NFL player Andrew East, 28, was behind the camera. He filmed his wife and daughter sitting on a huge blue float on the lake’s surface. The foam mat was positioned near a dock, and Drew seemed eager to reach the more solid structure. She was trying to crawl towards it, but her mom halted her progress and pulled her back by the ankle.

As Shawn dragged the tot across the mat, she fought back by digging her fingers into it. This made a loud squeaking sound. Once she was safely back in front of her mom, she began happily splashing around in the puddle of water that had collected in the center of the float.

Shawn’s Instagram followers let her know how much they enjoyed her video in the comments section of her post, where many remarks were about the noise she made by pulling her daughter back.

“The sound of you dragging her is hilarious,” one remark read.

“That’s the funny part,” another fan agreed. “She sounds like a squeegee.”

“The squeaking is the best!” wrote a third commenter.

“TOO. CUTE. I drag my kids by the foot all the time. They’re always trying to get away!” a fourth message read.

Shawn also delighted her fans when she shared a video of her baby girl doing her “first flip” during a trip to the beach. However, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, she also faced the wrath of a few mom-shamers who thought that the assisted flip was unsafe.