Anna Nystrom Showcases Sexy Physique In Crop Top & Skintight Jeans

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Swedish model Anna Nystrom has a knack for looking good in just about everything she wears. On Tuesday, the blond beauty flaunted her fabulous figure in a casual, yet sexy outfit that included a crop top and a pair of jeans.

Anna’s top had a blue floral pattern and a design that featured short sleeves and a low-cut neckline. It also had a strap that wrapped around the front of her waist, which was tied in the center. Her jeans had a high waist and straight legs that hugged her figure and helped her show off her curves.

Complimenting her casual look, Anna wore her thick tresses pulled up in a ponytail, which was held in place with a light blue scrunchy. The ends of her long, curled hair fell over one shoulder and pieces of long fringe framed her face. She also sported a pale polish on her nails.

The popular influencer took the picture posing in front of a large mirror. She stood in a primarily white room with a white wall and a floor. A window dressed with white sheer curtains was also visible. Part of a piece of pampas grass was visible on one side of the shot while part of a pair of chairs could be seen on the other. In addition, part of the mirror’s ornate wooden frame was in the photo.

Anna’s photo captured her entire body, revealing that she was barefoot while she snapped the photo. She struck a flirty pose with one foot forward with her toes pointed, highlighting her pert booty. Her back was slightly arched, putting her slender waist on display. She wore a serious expression on her face as she gazed at her phone.

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Anna’s post was a big hit, with more than 20,000 followers hitting the “like” button within an hour of her sharing it. Hundreds of followers took to the comments section to let her know what they thought of the snap.

“Excuse me… uh… you are so beautiful that I forgot what I was going to say,” joked one admirer.

“Wow absolutely stunning and gorgeous,” commented a second follower.

“Seriously though they should seriously negotiate a deal with you because you make their jeans look a billion times better,” quipped a third Instagram user.

“Absolutely gorgeous lady you are amazing beautiful very pretty woman,” a fourth follower gushed.

Not too long ago, Anna showed off her fabulous physique in a floral mini dress with a plunging neckline.