Stallone Lawsuit Settled Out Of Court

A Sylvester Stallone lawsuit has been settled after the star sued a contractor hired to renovate his property.

Stallone, star of Rocky and The Expendables, sued Mohamed Hadid for $1.4 million after Hadid allegedly did a poor job on his Beverly Hills home. In the Stallone lawsuit, Sly described Hadid as an “unscrupulous, unlicensed predator.”

However, the case has now been settled. Though no further details have been revealed, a source told TMZ, ”Sly was smiling.”

Mr. Hadid accused 66-year-old Stallone of threatening to blow his head off. He reportedly obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor after saying the star had shoved him in court before threatening, “I am going to kill you mother*****r.”

The builder also alleged Stallone threatened him with a baseball bat, telling him, “Get these dirty Mexicans out of here or I will blow your head off.”

Stallone’s lawyer Marty Singer denied that Hadid, who has appeared on reality TV show Shahs of Sunset, had acquired a restraining order.

Singer said the contractor was making a ”desperate attempt” for attention, saying:

“This is a desperate attempt by a man who wants to be a media star, which is why he’s a guest star on Shahs of Sunset.”

Sylvester Stallone has spent a good portion of his time in court recently. The star recently won a case against screenwriter Marcus Webb after Webb accused Stallone of stealing the plot for The Expendables.