Ainsley Rodriguez Works Her Core In Cleavage-Revealing Bikini

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez took to Instagram on Monday to post a video series in which she trained her abdominal muscles in a skimpy bikini.

The model performed her workout poolside on a blue mat. The string bikini featured pink, white, and orange stripes and dipped low on Ainsley's chest, showing off plenty of cleavage. The bottoms tied in bows at the hips and rose low on her pelvis. The fitness trainer's followers got an eyeful of her sculpted figure, from her muscular arms and toned tummy to her long, lean legs.

Ainsley went barefoot for her outdoor workout and wore her long, dark tresses pulled up into a high ponytail. She accessorized with a couple of bracelets.

The core bikini workout consisted of seven short video clips. In each one, Ainsley demonstrated a different exercise in the routine. She began with side plank dips with knee-to-elbow. In this move, the model positioned her body in a side plank, supporting her weight on one hand. She bent her other arm to the back of her head. Ainsley dipped her hips to the ground and then pushed herself back up, bringing the knee of her outer leg in to touch her elbow.

The second exercise involved knee taps while in a normal plank position. Ainsley bent each leg to tap one knee to the ground, alternating sides. She followed the move with bicycle crunches. As opposed to the traditional bicycle crunch, Ainsley kept her upper half static while moving her legs.

In the fourth slide, Ainsley repeated the bicycle crunch but reached out with each arm to touch the opposite foot as she brought her knees in toward her chest. The fifth exercise was the flutter kick, followed by knees-to-chest. With her back to the ground, Ainsley extended her arms to the sky and then pulled her knees in toward her upper body to work her lower core muscles. She finished the ab circuit with side-plank dips. Instead of extending both legs as she did in the first video, the trainer bent one leg and left the other extended.

In the caption, the fitness trainer told her followers that a strong core is the foundation of almost every movement and encouraged them to incorporate ab exercises into their training regimen. The post earned over 25,000 likes and more than 650 comments from adoring fans within the first day.

"No wonder u have a beautiful body," one Instagram user complimented Ainsley in the comments section.