Marie Osmond, 60, Shows Fans Her Wild Side As She Buys A New Motorcycle

Marie Osmond recently took to Instagram to share a surprising secret about herself. The 60-year-old singer and grandmother posted a stunning series of photos as she revealed she has been a motorcycle rider for decades.

Fans have long known that Marie collects dolls, but few knew that she also collects bikes. In her new share, the Osmond sister set the record straight about her secret hobby.

Marie first shared a photo of her and her brother, Donny, in a scene from their 1978 musical adventure-comedy film, Goin' Coconuts. In the pic, the siblings were both wearing helmets and Marie was in the driver's seat on a cycle as she took her big bro on a wild ride.

A second snap showed Marie's new "toy" -- a Harley Davidson Softail Slim parked regally on a ramp in her garage. A final photo showed Marie, her husband Steve Craig, and their best friends posing on a faux bike as they hammed it up for the camera.

In the caption, Marie revealed she has been riding motorcycles since she first learned to drive and has had her license to operate them for as long as she can remember.

The news seemed to stun her fans, as some apparently didn't know about the singer's wild side.

Her followers appreciated the post, liking it over 6,000 times. Hundreds took to the comments section as well to react to her stunning news. Some called her the "coolest" person ever, saying they "never would have guessed" she had a biker side.

"Marie Osmond with a Harley...I did not see that coming," one fan wrote.

"Very cool that you're a Harley girl and now a true biker chick! Get your leather chaps ready to go riding!!!! But more importantly, BE SAFE!!!!" added another user.

"Who knew u were a Bike Babe, " a third follower quipped.

"I've always wondered if you drove Donny in the Going [sic] Coconuts movie. I think you've just answered that!" a fourth person remarked.

While her fans may not have known about her love for motorcycles, many did know that she does have an adventurous side. Earlier this year, the mom of eight revealed on an episode of her daytime chatfest The Talk that she plans to take up skydiving in the near future.

"I've always wanted to," Marie said. "When I had children I said I can't do it. But now that I'm a grandma, I'm going skydiving."