Casi Davis Flaunts Her Insane Booty, Nearly Nude Reflection ‘After Dark’

Gorgeous Instagram model Casi Davis created a sexy nighttime vibe in her most recent post on Monday evening.

The stunning blond showed off her incredible assets in a hazy yet sultry selfie that wowed her 1.3 million followers. It garnered just shy of 12,000 likes in less than an hour after it was uploaded.

Casi wore a tiny black thong that left extremely little to the imagination. A tiny triangle of fabric rose from between her round, firm cheeks, transitioning into two thin straps that hugged her voluptuous hips and creating a perfect V across the small of her back.

Her back was arched, accentuating the curves of her ample behind. Her right arm was relaxed alongside her slender torso. She clutched her phone in her left hand and reached her arm across the front of her body, resting the device against the opposite shoulder. She looked down at the screen to maintain balance and composition in the image.

The shadowed lines of Casi’s high cheekbones were defined against the pale marbled tile reflected in the background. Long, blond waves fell over her right shoulder and cascaded halfway down her back, almost grazing the top of her derriere.

Casi’s vague, dreamlike form appeared superimposed upon the vibrant sprawl of city lights that met a black night sky at the horizon. She appeared to be standing in front of the glass door to a high-rise balcony. Strong iron railing was visible in the lower half of the frame. Parallel rows of golden streetlights and a few sets of headlights were tiny and twinkling from her elevation.

A handful of large buildings with multiple stories were scattered about the landscape, seemingly miniature in size. The bright blue neon outline of a rooftop could be seen in the distance.

Casi’s devoted Instagram fans were eager to express their admiration for her fantastic physique, and a number of them alluded to her caption and her creative photography.

“Daytime is for everyone but you own the night,” mused one follower.

“Haven’t noticed anything a**trange on those city lights,” joked a second person.

“Got us all turning our brightness up,” declared a third fan, following the comment with crying/laughing, heart eyes, and flame emoji.

“You definitely have one of the best rear end[s] on IG!” gushed a fourth user, adding heart and flame emoji to emphasize their compliment.

As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Casi looked amazing in a vivid photo of her famous booty just a few days ago, when she posed in front of a large mirror.