Kristin Cavallari Sparks Debate As She Wears Long Black Dress For Walk With Her Kids In Nashville

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Kristin Cavallari stunned in a new Instagram photo as she took an evening stroll with her three kids while wearing a long dress.

The Very Cavallari alum, 33, wore a modest, long black gown as she held the hands of two of her children with the third walking slightly ahead of them. The reality star and entrepreneur wore her hair in waves as she looked back at the camera and smiled in the stunning shot.

As with all of Kristin’s photos, her kids were photographed from behind and their faces could not be seen. The Uncommon James founder’s daughter, Sailor, looked adorable with braids and overalls as she held her famous mom’s hand.

The foursome appeared to be walking in the front yard of someone’s house, perhaps even their own, as a regal dwelling with a porch could be seen in the distance.

Kristin, who recently revealed that she bought a new house following her split from ex-husband Jay Cutler, tagged the photo as being taken in Nashville, Tennesse. The jewelry designer captioned the post with “TRIBE” in all caps.

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In comments to the photo, Kristin’s followers reacted to the pic and her very different look, with some saying she was unrecognizable with the old fashioned frock.

“Okayyyy Sound of Music,” wrote her pal and hairdresser, Justin Anderson. “I’m into this vibe.”

While many followers praised Kristin’s flowing gown, a few others didn’t think it suited the modern-day mom.

‘Trading the Gucci’s for Amish country. Well done. Well done,” another wrote.

“Why are people saying they love your dress?” another follower asked. “It’s dated and looks like Little House on the Prairie. I’m so sorry, come on!”

One commenter even described the photo as creepy, likening it to the cover for a horror movie.

In addition to the debate on the dress, some commenters took major issue with Kristin’s use of the word “tribe” when describing her children. Some told the former MTV star that the word is “problematic” and asked her to rethink using it in her post. Others told her to do her research and change the caption. But others defended Kristin’s use of the word and told her she has every right to use it in reference to her sweet family.

Kristin’s buttoned-up pic is in stark contrast to some of her more recent, body-baring photos. Last week, she posed in a sheer, tulle mini and a plunging yellow halter in two separate Instagram shares.