‘C-Wars’ Challenges Your Need For High Resolution Graphics

C-Wars is challenging everything you think about high-resolution graphics.

C-Wars is a low-resolution game that uses less than a megabyte of space and offers choices most games don’t. The game dares you to look past the blocky visuals and focus on what the game is actually giving you.

The idea of fun versus graphics has been a debate on the minds of older gamers for some time. We don’t mind having the visuals look a little outdated as long as we can say we had fun. A lot of us grew up with games like Pac-Man and Dig Dug, and we see games like Call of Duty and all we see are war simulators that try too hard to challenge us. Yes, we appreciate the photorealism, but not at the expense of just having a good time with the controller in our hands.

That’s where C-Wars comes in. It’s here to remind us that old-school graphics are not a bad thing. In fact, it can be a strength.

Onipunks is focused on making the graphics fluid and fast in C-Wars. One such animation took over 10 hours to complete.

C-Wars is about a world where every decision you make decides the rest of your game. The direction of the storyline and the characters you meet are dependent on what you decide to do in the game. You can choose your allies and your enemies, so you can team up with the mafioso against the zombie mutants, or you can team up with the zombie mutants against the government, or you can team up with everybody against everybody.

C-Wars is still in the planning phases, so you can go to Kickstarter and tell the designers what you want to see, what characters, and so on. The alpha copy available right now includes characters from They Bleed Pixels, Cryamore, and Wooden Sen’Sey, and Onipunks is always up for more ideas.

What do you think about C-Wars and its challenge to the high-resolution norm?