Shayna Taylor Shows Off Her Beautiful Body In New Instagram Share

Roy RochlinGetty Images

Shayna Taylor showed off her beautiful body in a new Instagram share. She used the social media platform to discuss a very important topic. The health and wellness expert, chef, and former girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest shared her fix for what she called the “Sunday scaries.” In the caption of her post, she explained to her followers how she has changed her mindset, and a day that was once filled with dread because the weekend was over has now become one of her favorites.

She also posted that she is excited to grow her business. Shayna stated she has “exciting” things planned for the remainder of this month. The post was tagged as Venice Beach, California.

In a photo shared with Instagram, Shayna posed in an orange halter top. The garment was fashioned around her neck and came down into two separate panels that covered her breasts. The material hung down her waist and fell long onto her thighs. Holding the panels together was a tie that came from the back of the garment and tied in the front to hold the top securely together. This was tied into a sweet bow accent.

In what appeared to be a fashion shoot, Shayna paired the top with a pair of sunny, mustard-colored pants. The loose-fitting bottoms pulled away from the trained chef’s thighs and hung loose and long around her calves.

On her neck, Shayna used a silver and rhinestone necklace as an accent piece. She wore coordinating earrings on her earlobes.

Her long, highlighted blond hair was secured into a high ponytail, showing off her high cheekbones. She tilted her head to the right, resting it into the knuckles of her right hand.

Fans of the 28-year-old were excited for her continued journey of self-discovery.

“Great mindset and attitude to have Shayna!! As a teacher, I would have to say most students and staff feel just like you about ‘Sunday scaries.’ It’s comforting to know others feel the same way. Thinking positively helps reframe not just yours but other’s attitudes, you are a wonderful role model and example that we all so desperately need these days!” said one follower.

“Mindset is everything and so is this outfit! Oh my gosh, it is so good. You are great! That’s for being a wonderful role model,” commented a second fan.

“Stay chill…you are a strong woman I can tell,” stated a third Instagram user.