Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Celebrate Granddaughter Felicity’s 2nd Birthday: ‘We Wish We Could Be With You’

Brendan HoffmanGetty Images

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar celebrated their granddaughter Felicity’s 2nd birthday via a touching Instagram post where they stated “we really wish we could be with you.” The couple, who are parents to 19 children, celebrated the little girl long-distance, per the caption of their share, with a FaceTime call. Felicity lives in California with the duo’s daughter Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo.

The patriarch and matriarch of the supersized clan also shared in the caption of the post the meaning behind Felicity’s name, “happiness.” They claimed that is something the little girl brings to both her parents and grandparents.

Jinger and Jeremy moved to Los Angeles in June 2019 so he could pursue his graduate studies at the Master’s Seminary. Jinger announced in May of this year she was pregnant, and she and Jeremy would welcome their second child, a girl, this fall.

In the photo the couple shared with Instagram, Felicity was seated in a stroller and appeared happy and content. She looked quite similar to her lovely mother. The two share many similar facial features and hair color. Her tresses were pulled back away from her forehead with a large, red bow. She appeared to have on a denim outfit as she sat in her green stroller, buckled securely as she held a baby doll dressed in a pink outfit. On her feet, Felicity wore white sneakers in the outdoor pic.

It appeared the family was enjoying the weather, taking a stroll with Felicity to get some fresh air. The couple has been hunkered down in the Los Angeles area, where their home is located, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the comments section of the photo, fans were stunned at much Felicity had grown and how much she resembled her lovely mother and handsome father.

“Happy Birthday Felicity. I hope you have a fanatic day and enjoy your 2nd year,” said one follower.

“Wow, she looks so much like her mom in this photo. She also shares a lot of her dad’s good looks as well. I can’t figure out who she resembles more!” stated a second fan.

“Happy 2nd sweet Felicity!! Hope you have a fun-filled day with family!!” noted a third Instagram user.

“Michelle I know it stinks not being able to see her on her special day. I know, I have 2 grandsons that live in Florida and I’m in Connecticut. It bothers me a lot. I do see them on the cam and talk on the phone, but I wish I can hug them,” said a fellow grandparent who understood Michelle and Jim Bob’s wish to be closer to their granddaughter.