Howie Mandel Clears Up Theories That He Was Kidnapped: ‘I’m Fine People’

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating on TikTok that America’s Got Talent host Howie Mandel was kidnapped and was being held hostage. This came after he posted a few strange videos in which some viewers questioned if he was trying to signal for help. Mandel addressed the theories and says he is perfectly fine, according to The Daily Mail.

Mandel is known for having a unique sense of humor and at times making satirical jokes that others don’t always understand. This is what started the conspiracy theories and rumors when he posted an unusual clip to TikTok on July 3.

In the video, he held up a brown paper bag that he said he intended to re-purpose as a shoe bag. He later explained that the joke was that he was running out of activities to do while in quarantine and was using mundane activities to stay busy. However, many social media users were confused by the clip and became concerned about his well being.

Before long, the hashtag “SaveHowieMandel” began trending, and social media users around the country were determined to rescue the actor and comedian. They also began looking for clues in his other videos that might explain his strange behavior.

Mandel attempted to clear up the theories during a recent TikTok post and reassured his fans that he is okay. In the clip, he danced around, talked very slowly, and appeared to use hand signals perhaps in an effort to poke fun at the bizarre rumors. He assured fans no one was forcing him to do anything.

“Hello people of TikTok. I’m okay, I have not been kidnapped. Thank you all for worrying. There are no signs in this video. There is nothing to figure out except listen to what I’m saying. I’m fine. This is crazy. Nobody is making me do this. If somebody were making me do this, what are the instructions to do this? I’m fine people!”

Some fans didn’t buy the video and still think something is up with Mandel. In the post, Mandel wore a black T-shirt with a long string of letters and numbers across it with no apparent meaning. The shirt is actually based off a popular meme about intelligent people being able to read words within the seemingly odd collection of symbols. The shirt reads, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change,” written in both letters and numbers.

Some people felt that the numbers could be an address depicting where he was allegedly being held captive.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, filming for America’s Got Talent is currently paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be starting up again soon, but with new restrictions to ensure social distancing to keep everyone safe.

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