Yanet Garcia Shows Off Stretch Marks In Black Thong And Bra, Says ‘You’re Beautiful Just The Way You Are’

Yanet Garcia showed off her curvy physique — stretch marks and all — and gave fans some encouragement to feel great about the way they look.

The Instagram model and Mexican television personality posted a picture on Sunday that showed her kneeling on a bed while wearing a revealing black thong and bra combination. Yanet faced away from the camera, showing off her backside and some visible stretch marks.

In the caption for the picture, Yanet told fans to love themselves just the way they are, and the message seemed to resonate with many of them. The picture racked up more than 175,000 likes in less than an hour and attracted plenty of comments, including many who were happy to see the 24-year-old sharing a message of body acceptance.

“Don’t listen to anyone that says otherwise,” one fan wrote in the post’s comment section.

“Tiger stripes!” another added, adding a series of heart emoji.


The model, who gained fame as a television personality from Mexico and earned the nickname “World’s Hottest Weather Girl,” often shares motivating messages with her followers and encourages them to be happy with the way they look, however that might be.

Yanet is also very proud of her own curvy physique and has shared with fans the work it took to get to that level. In an Instagram post posted earlier this year, the brunette beauty shared side-by-side photos of the gains she’s made in her curves, telling followers that it came from plenty of hard work in the gym.

She also encouraged followers to be patient with their own body goals.

“See what you want and start to become that person,” she wrote in a caption posted in Spanish and translated through Google’s translation service. “Enjoy the process a lot because every day you will be closer to your goal. Be patient because the results will take time but will be worth it. Do not give up that if I have been able to, you can also achieve it. Do it for you, for yourself and for your health.”

Yanet added that people should have goals beyond having a beautiful body and told them to start by feeling good about themselves.

Yanet’s picture from Sunday showing off her stretch marks came with another somewhat hidden message telling her supporters to believe in themselves. Under the model’s name on the Instagram post read a simple but inspiring message in the place of a geotag: “Love Yourself.”