Ashley Resch Bares Backside In Black Leather Lingerie: 'We Call It Balance'

Ashley Resch showcased her sexy curves in a dangerous looking bad girl ensemble on Sunday, leaving her Instagram followers thrilled.

More than 8,500 Instagrammers hit the "like" button in support of Ashley's look, which she described as a balance between both good and bad. Over 160 fans also took the time to leave a comment for the model, with many including the flame emoji to indicate they thought she looked hot in the sexy lingerie.

"Good balance to have. I know you have beautiful features, but just love the tattoos, I don't know what it is," replied one fan who also included several different smilies.

"Wow, you look sexy as hell. You are making my Sunday better," a second devotee gushed, including red heart-eyed and heart kiss emoji.

"Well...I Need Some of That Balance in LA, Ashley! Really Epic Shot!" wrote a third Instagrammer along with a series of red hearts.

"Every woman should have a kinky side... You are the most beautiful woman in the entire world!" a fourth follower declared.

In the shot, she stood in front of a large window, and outside the view showed several trees with green leaves. Ashley leaned one elbow on the white wall beside the window, and she looked back at the camera's lens with her stunning blue eyes, which popped in the shot. She held onto her long blond hair, which cascaded down her back in ringlets to her waist. A hint of her light-colored manicure showed against her locks. A few tendrils also fell to the other side, framing her face. She seemed to have a slight sneer on her full lips, which revealed a hint of her teeth.

Ashley wore what appeared to be a black leather bustier, which she paired with matching thong panties. The top featured a buckle that strapped at her chest, revealing just a hint of her ample side cleavage. The bottoms left each of the model's round cheeks bare, showcasing her curves. Intricate black tattoos were visible on Ashley's hip as well as on her opposite back thigh right under the curve of her backside. The ink on the back of her leg appeared to have the face of a man surrounded by wild hair.

The model is no stranger to showing off her voluptuous curves and killer tattoos, which her followers appear to love. The Inquisitr recently reported that she looked stunning in a monochromatic shorts outfit that showcased her intricate leg ink.