Thief Uses Chopsticks To Steal Woman’s iPhone

A thief recently used chopsticks to steal a woman’s iPhone on the streets of Zhengzhou, China.

The man reportedly chased down a woman on a bike. He then used a pair of chopsticks to remove the pricey smartphone from her coat. The victim never noticed the thief in action.

Although the thief thought he had gotten away with the perfect crime, images of the man using the chopsticks to steal the iPhone soon began making the rounds. Police released the pictures in hopes that the criminal would turn himself over to authorities.

The photographs show a man wearing a suit jacket and jeans chasing after a woman on a bicycle. The chopsticks can be seen in his hands. After he manages to snag the iPhone from the lady’s coat, the thief then takes a moment to examine the item.

The culprit turned out to be 32-year-old Wang Hongbo. Once the photographs started showing up in Zhengzhou, the thief surrendered to police. He said he sold the smartphone at a secondhand shop in order to get some money for his child. Hongbo said he is struggling to raise the 12-year-old alone.

As strange as it may sound, this isn’t the first time a thief has used a pair of chopsticks to steal items from unsuspecting people. In January of 2011, footage showing two criminals using the same method found its way online.

“It’s so obvious what the gang are doing but no one does anything. This gang know exactly what they are doing and are highly skilled,” one witness said. “By using chopsticks they avoid getting caught with their hands in the victim’s pockets and don’t leave finger-prints on stolen property.”

Authorities explained that this problem is starting to spread to cities throughout China. These bandits tend to focus on female shoppers who are carrying a lots of items.

What do you think about the thief who used chopsticks to steal an iPhone from a cyclist?

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