Heiress Accused Of Stabbing Her Life Coach With A Fork

Todd Rigney

A real estate heiress stands accused of stabbing her life coach.

Joselyn Wohl, the daughter of real estate mogul Larry Wohl, allegedly stabbed the man in the hand with a fork. The 33-year-old heiress and 31-year-old Sajjadur Rahman were dining at Mr. Wohl's Hampton's estate last September when the stabbing reportedly took place.

Court documents stated that Joselyn attacked Sajjadur "without just cause or provocation." Attorney Eric Richman explained that the fork would have hit his client in the face had he not attempted to defend himself from the attack. It's currently unclear what prompted the stabbing.

A part of the fork is still lodged in the man's hand. Although Larry Wohl originally agreed to take care of any medical bills Rahman received as a result, he has yet to pay for anything.

The life coach also said that he lost his job after he accused the heiress of the stabbing. Rahman added that he could no longer help Joselyn since he was afraid that something similar would happen again. Richman believes the Wohls are responsible since they couldn't keep their daughter under control.

The lawsuit arrives a few months after Wohl was charged with assaulting her professional sobriety companion. Heather McKean alleges that Joselyn choked her before she was knocked down a flight of concrete stairs.

"One day Joselyn made up her mind she didn't want Heather around anymore and attacked her on the stairwell and yanked her down the stairs," attorney Bryan Swerling explained.

Swerling added that his client's pain is so severe that she will undergo a spinal operation later this month. She was originally hired by the heiress' parents to help their daughter kick her drug addiction. This particular court case is still pending.

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