Jessica Biel Timberlake Shot In The Head In 'Nailed' Movie... Maybe

Jessica Biel, or Jessica Timberlake as she's now officially known, is going to be shot in the head for a movie called Nailed.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jessica Biel has been fasting recently, but Justin Timberlake's homemade pies are just too tempting.

If the movie ever gets to the big screen, we'll get to see Jessica Biel accidentally shot in the head with a nail... hence the title. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a congressman who takes political advantage of Jessica Biel's character woes while aiding her movement to fight for her rights as an uninsured waitress. But then, Jessica Biel's character begins to fall in love with the politician.

The Nailed movie actually has an interesting background. The 2008 film was shut down due to insufficient funding by the Screen Actors Guild. Then in 2010 director David O. Russell quit with only one scene and several months worth of work being left unfinished.

But that one missing scene happens to be one of the most pivotal moments to the story. They never actually filmed the scene where Jessica Biel was shot in the head with the nail. (Some celeb haters might pay just to see that one scene.)

Regardless, a raw screening of the film was shown last spring and a musical score was commissioned. But all of a sudden the Nailed movie was given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA, which you'd assume is a signal that the movie is going to be finished and released.

But producer Douglas Wick doesn't seem to think audiences will get to see Jessica Biel shot in the head:

"I think probably not in this lifetime. That was our first foray into the independent world, and it was really one of the great bit-h-slappings of either of our lives.... I think everyone's lives have moved on, I don't foresee particularly, in the polluted circumstance, anyone just coming in and doing the careful three or four months of work."
If anything, it seems like the Nailed movie might have a better shot in today's political environment than in 2008. It seems obvious the film was intended as yet another Hollywood politicization of health insurance, which kind of dates the movie due to the passing of the Affordable Care Act. But in 2013, Obamacare needs help, and perhaps the Nailed movie could be updated to help President Obama's cause. Then again, perhaps it could satirize Obamacare, like the CMAs did recently.

Would you like to see Jessica Biel shot in the head for the Nailed movie