Melissa Joan Hart Turns To Kickstarter For Help With ‘Sexy, Adult Film’

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is looking to shed her “good girl” image with a new film, and had turned to the crowd-funding site Kickstarter for help.

With the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign, many filmmakers and celebrities have turned to the site to secure funding for TV revivals or personal projects. Melissa Joan Hart has joined them, appealing for donations to fund her first “sexy and adult” film.

The movie is titled Darci’s Walk of Shame, and gives a synopsis on the Kickstarter page: “An impulsive act has Darci face enormous hurdles to get back to her sister’s wedding & avoid her family witness her first walk of shame.”

The campaign launched on April 11, and has attracted over 100 backers with $14,000 contributed toward a goal of $2,000,000 thus far.

“I know it seems like a leap of faith but I am asking you to do what Hollywood won’t, and that is to take a chance on me as the lead of a romantic comedy film,” Hart explains on the page.

“By playing Darci, I will get the chance to once again be in a fun and hilarious rom-com much like Drive Me Crazy… only all grown up and having a roll in the hay with the hot actors in the film! Funny, sexy, screwball, adult, romantic comedy. No magic. No black cat. Enormous fun. Need your help! Spread the word!”

Hart is pledging the usual gamut of prizes and awards to those who donate to the project. Contributions end on May 26, so if you’d like to help Hart get Darci’s Walk of Shame of the ground, you can go here and check it out.

[Image via: MingleMediaTVNetwork, Wikimedia Commons]