Olivia Culpo Sizzles In A White Bikini On A Pool Floatie

Olivia Culpo shared two new updates to her Instagram feed today with one being paparazzi pics and the most recent one being a snap of herself rocking a white bikini. The swimsuit photo has been very popular so far, and has received over 25,700 likes in the first 15 minutes since it went live.

She was lying on her back on a floating lounge chair, and held a glass of light pink wine in her left hand. She bent both of her knees and inverted her left knee slightly as she glanced at the camera with a flirty smile on her face.

Her bikini top had a structured fit with underwire and it featured thick straps. It left her cleavage on show, and she wore it with a pair of matching bottoms. These were mostly obscured thanks to the angle of her pose, but the white straps could be seen on one hip. Olivia’s toned abs and long legs were hard to miss.

She wore her hair down in a casual hairstyle, and it was slightly ruffled in the picture. She sported a matching white manicure, and her ensemble contrasted against her tanned figure.

In the background of the pic was another floating lounge chair that was unoccupied, and on the other side of the pool was a stone walkway surrounded by bright green grass.

The image was taken on a sunny day, although Olivia was in the shadows thanks to the tall trees that lined the side of the pool. Her skin looked flawless and the outline of her figure was lit up in a soft glow.


Her many followers took to the comments section to leave positive messages.

“I can’t even imagine being this hot,” joked a social media user.

“There is no way you are this perfect,” gushed a second devotee.

“Love that!! I need one of those for the pool,” declared a third follower.

“Always so gorgeous queen have a nice day,” wished another supporter.

Olivia shared another sexy snap yesterday, that time placing her cleavage and gorgeous hair on display. The close-up photo of the model featured her smiling as she tilted her head slightly to the side. Her black top had a low neckline with a wraparound-style cut, and it fell down her right shoulder. She wore her hair down in a middle part with luxurious soft waves that she brushed in front of her left shoulder.