Farrah Abraham Attempting To Block Vivid From Releasing Sex Tape

Former Teen Mom cast member Farrah Abraham is reportedly now trying to block her sex tape from being released. That’s not all that unusual, except that she staged the film with pornographic actor James Deen and was in talks to sell it for a couple million bucks.

Rumors of a Farrah Abraham sex tape began circulating weeks ago, with a report that a clip of the reality TV starlet engaged in sexual acts with an unidentified male was being shopped around.

The story got strange when pornographic actor James Deen admitted that he had made a pornographic film with Abraham, but that he wasn’t really allowed to talk about the details.

The story got even stranger when Abraham finally fessed up to apparently commissioning a pornographic film with Deen and Vivid Entertainment in order to immortalize her 21-year-old body (she has had some work done) and sell it for top dollar, reportedly a few million.

Now, Abraham’s lawyer is trying to block that sex tape from ever seeing the light of day. Vivid boss Steve Hirsch received a cease and desist letter in an attempt to prevent it from being released without her permission. Apparently Hirsch doesn’t want to pony up a few million dollars for a sex tape that Abraham asked him to make.

The letter reads: “Ms. Abraham retains ownership rights in this video and any unlawful conduct could infringe on those rights.”

This legal document might not do much other than acknowledge that the sex tape is indeed Abraham’s in writing for the first time. So far, we don’t really know what the conditions of the shoot (or the presumed contract) were, so it’s hard to say who will win the battle right now.

Only two things seem certain at this point: There will be a fight, and Abraham will probably not receive anything close to what she wants for the tape.