‘The Wonder Years’ Star Danica McKellar Flaunts Her Abs In Motivational Workout Video

Danica encouraged her fans to get moving, and she demonstrated a few exercises that they can do at home.

Danica McKellar attends Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movies And Mysteries 2019 Winter TCA Tour
Rachel Luna / Getty Images

Danica encouraged her fans to get moving, and she demonstrated a few exercises that they can do at home.

Danica McKellar fans thought that The Wonder Years star looked absolutely stellar as she flaunted her abs in a “Fitness Friday” video.

Danica, 45, often uses social media to encourage her fans to get moving, and the upbeat actress occasionally demonstrates some of the simple but effective exercises that she does to stay in such incredible shape. In her latest Instagram post, she noted that music is a great motivator, and her video showed her working out to the beat of the 1998 Ricky Martin hit, “She Bangs.”

For her quickie workout, Danica rocked an athletic ensemble that showcased her toned, petite figure. Her outfit included a pair of black athletic leggings with dark gray accents. The skintight pants were calf-length, and they had a high waist.

She also rocked a sleeveless light blue T-shirt with a low V-neck that showed off a hint of her pink sports bra. She wore the shirt rolled up to expose her flat stomach while she exercised, but she had it pulled back down at the end of the video. This revealed that the words “My son is my sunshine” were printed on it, along with an image of a mother and child standing in front of a large sun.

Danica had placed a pink mat on the floor for her workout. She began by targeting her abdominal muscles with a set of boat crunches. She continued focusing on her core by getting in the plank position and doing a few shoulder taps.

Up next was the challenging mountain climber, followed by a set of arm circles and side leg lifts. For her final exercise, she got on her hands and knees and did a few elbow-to-knee bird dogs.

Danica encouraged her viewers to squeeze in a little exercise every day, even if they don’t have a lot of free time. The Hallmark Channel star revealed that one way she does this is by doing squats while she’s brushing her teeth. She also asked her followers to share their own favorite ways to get their heart rates up when they don’t have time for a full workout. However, many of the responses to her post were about how incredible she looks and what an amazing person she is.

“Danica you look fantastic!” read one comment.

“You’re so uplifting and always helping to motivate people. I’m gonna do some stretches and cardio at home later since I can’t really go out now,” another fan wrote.

“Just gotta say, you are one of the most motivational folks I’ve ever seen! In many ways, on many levels,” a third message read.

“Careful your abs are going to be featured on the news again,” quipped a fourth commenter.

Danica occasionally generates buzz by showing off her washboard stomach in skimpy swimwear. In a past Instagram upload, she was pictured rocking a leopard-print two-piece.