Kate Beckinsale Enacts Dramatic Boxing Match With Her Cats In ‘WBO’ Costumes

Jury Member Kate Beckinsale attends the 'IL Gattopardo' Premiere at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2010 in Cannes, France.
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Kate Beckinsale demonstrated her bizarre sense of humor yet again when she brought both of her feline companions back to the stage — or kitchen counter, as it were — for another theatrical video on Friday night. The fluffy pair of Persians have been the subject of a number of Kate’s wonderfully creative creations, and luckily, both kitties appear to be quite accepting of her fantastic costuming and clever direction.

Kate’s 4.3 million followers have seemingly been delighted by her antics as of late, and her most recent post was no exception, receiving 25,000 views in the 15 minutes after it was uploaded.

In the brief but jam-packed video, Clive and Willow wore amazing costumes which gave them the appearance of extremely ripped, albeit compact, professional boxers.

The garments were constructed out of a durable fabric upon which the caricature of matching muscular, bare-chested men was printed. The tiny men were dressed in royal blue boxing shorts with white horizontal stripes down each side. The shorts were topped with an official-looking black belt with a round, gold-printed seal.

Short and seemingly ineffectual stuffed arms with round red gloves protruded ridiculously from the sides of the torsos.

Both of the snazzy ensembles came complete with a dashing blue cape, marked with the letters “WBO.” Apparently, the acronym stood for “World Boxing Organization.”

The slow-motion video contained exciting and perfectly-timed sound effects to accentuate the drama as it unfolded. It began with the exceptionally furry Clive, sitting innocently the kitchen counter. Out of nowhere, a single crimson glove came flying at the side of his scrunched little face, then made gentle contact with his gray fluff.

Intrigue rose as the scene cut quickly to a pair of delicate human hands with a stylish manicure and dark polish that grasped Clive around his round midsection. The feminine fingers were almost completely obscured by his glorious mane of belly fur as he flew back across the counter, seemingly bowled over by the weight of the staged punch.

The farce continued with sweet Willow finally getting a little screen-time as she was pictured waving a victorious farewell to her opponent who retaliated moments later with a matching strike to her whiskers.

The camera panned to a stunning Kate as the snippet ended. She raised both arms over her head, fists clenched with excitement, and cheered heartily for the two thespians.

The winner of the match was not apparent.

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Kate’s dedicated Instagram followers were quick to express their adoration for her innovative kitty posts.

“That’s the content we’re all here for. Thanks Kate,” declared one fan.

“A proper Rocky homage imho,” complimented a second follower.

“You are hilarious… Someone deserves the Best Director Oscar!” raved a third person, adding a string of crying/laughing emoji.

“You’re the coolest & most beautiful weirdo ever!” gushed a fourth fan, following the comment with a kiss, a cool, and an applause emoji.