Jasmine Sanders Nearly Naked In White String Bikini, ‘Don’t Forget To Floss’

Tasos Katopodis Getty Images

Jasmine Sanders has been busy all week posting teaser photos for the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and each set is steamier than the last.

The sizzling pair of images posted on Friday proved to be a hit for her 3.9 million fans, who liked the upload 5,000 times in just 20 minutes.

Jasmine wore a bikini made of three tiny triangles constructed of opaque white fabric, designed in such a way that it appeared to be held together with one long string.

Each cup was ruched together at the bottom, creating the most minimal coverage possible. The curves of her perky breasts could be seen below the lightweight material. A tattoo of the infinity symbol could be seen on her upper torso, just below her arm.

The string around her rib cage dipped on the sides and appeared to have crossed over the straps from the lower half of the suit, meeting at the most narrow part of her slim waist. The bottom of the bikini covered just the tiny space above her thighs, leaving her belly and most of her toned torso completely bare.

Jasmine posed in a tranquil, still sea. Diffused light and muted tones created an ethereal, dreamy environment. The background was intentionally out of focus, ensuring all of the viewer’s attention was placed on the stunning subject.

In the first photo, she seemingly rested on her knees, with rest of her incredible body out of the water. She arched her back and threw her chin up, as she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Light kissed the long lines of her neck and the curve of her voluptuous derrière.

She extended her arms gracefully and she languidly trailed her fingers across the surface of the pale water, creating ripples in the reflection of her body.

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Don’t forget to floss ???? @si_swimsuit

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Jasmine’s devoted fans were eager to express their adoration for her success, as well as her gorgeous appearance.

“Not a flaw in sight! Keep giving it to us, we not tired yet! Win Jasmine, win! Love you!” gushed one follower.

“To remain wholesome, I’ll bite my tongue,” a second person quipped, following the comment with devil and heart emoji.

Jasmine was the 2019 Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year. According to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, this season she will have her own individual cover, as well as sharing another with models Kate Bock and Olivia Culpo.

The 2020 edition will be available online and hit newsstands on Tuesday, July 21.