Lena Dunham Poses In Skimpy Bikini From Pal Emily Ratajkowski's Collection, Draws A Big Social Media Reaction

Nathan Francis

Lena Dunham posed in a very skimpy bikini from her friend Emily Ratajkowski's collection, and social media is having big reactions to the racy snap.

The picture was shared on the Instagram page for Inamorata, the swimwear brand led by the model. Dunham held the pole of an umbrella as she struck a pose by the side of a pool, wearing a design that Ratajkowski herself has previously sported.

The snap attracted more than 5,000 likes and plenty of comments from fans, including many happy to see a different representation than the company's normal stock of much-thinner models.

"I love to see these different types of women," one person commented.

"GORGEOUS!" another wrote.

"While almost all of the photos on the Inamorata page feature Emily or women with similarly slim figures, this new Lena photo could signal that the brand is heading into a more size-inclusive direction," the report noted.

The photo drew a big reaction beyond Instagram as well. Several people took to Twitter to share the snap, with many praising the full-figured actress for being willing to show off her body and defending her. However, many more left comments insulting Dunham about her body's size and shape.

The criticism is nothing new for Dunham. The actress has never been shy about showing off her body or admitting that it doesn't match the typical body size for those in Hollywood. As The Inquisitr reported, she shared a pic of herself in black lingerie for another Instagram post a few months ago, and opened up about learning to be more "body tolerant."

In that post, Dunham also appeared to give support to women who may face similar situations, including insecurities about their bodies or health struggles. She suggested that they take care of themselves and make an effort to feel good about the way they look, even if that means finding a special outfit.

"With a chronic disease (or three), it's impossible not to resent your body sometimes," she wrote in the picture's caption, referring to her body as "her." "I drift toward her and away from her, trying hard to remember that, no matter how I fight it, she is me. I am her. We only have each other, so we gotta stick together."