Patrick Mahomes’ Girlfriend Brittany Matthews Shows Serious Cleavage In Latest Workout Videos

Brittany Matthews — the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes — showed off her curves in a scintillating outfit for her latest video post on Instagram. In the clips, she performed several exercises while wearing a tiny sports bra that accentuated her cleavage and a pair of skintight bike shorts.

The fitness model has gained a large online following by posting workout tips. In her most recent upload, she worked on her upper body with a series of super sets. The video seemed to have been shot at home in her gym. She was joined by her two dogs, who looked on while the Texas native lifted weights.

Matthews wore her long blond hair up in a ponytail as she worked out. The 24-year-old rocked a black sports bra with thin shoulder straps and a low-cut neckline that embellished her assets. She also sported a pair of cheetah-print bike shorts that hugged her lower body. She completed the ensemble with black Nike sneakers.

For the first clip, Matthews was recorded from the side while she laid on a workout bench. She held a dumbbell above her chest with arms extended, before lowering it back behind her head. This angle treated fans to a view of her bust in the revealing sports top.

The social media influencer stood in a half-squat for the next exercise. She was once again filmed from the side, although this time, she held a dumbbell in her right hand as she extended her arm back. Her toned legs and curvy backside could be seen as well. In the last clip, Matthews sat on the edge of a bench with her body hunched over and a dumbbell in each hand. She extended her arms out with her feet planted together and her head hanging down.

In the caption, the former soccer pro included instructions for the workout and tagged sportswear company, Balance Athletica.

Many of Matthews’ 523,000 Instagram followers noticed the upload and more than 19,000 of them showed their support by tapping the “like” button. She received over 100 messages, including a multitude of fire emoji. The comments section was filled with compliments and questions regarding the workout.

“SLAYING those rider shorts what,” one follower wrote.

“Does keeping your palms facing in or out work different muscles?” a second fan asked.

“Killing it per usual!!!” replied a third, adding several emoji to their words.

“My dogs love watching me workout too,” a fourth user shared.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Matthews recently showcased her firm booty in a pair of tight black leggings for another workout post.